Education Resources

  1. How does MOSFIRE work? This movie will teach you the basics about taking spectra of very distant galaxies with MOSFIRE.
  2. How do we measure distances to MOSDEF galaxies? This page explains you how we use spectral features to derive redshifts of galaxies, and why redshifts can be used as a measure of the distances to galaxies.
  3. How do we measure the mass of a galaxy? On this page we explain how we weigh distant galaxies in the MOSDEF survey.
  4. What is interstellar dust? On this page you can learn about dust in distant galaxies, how we measure the amount of dust, and why it is so important to do this.
  5. What is the stellar birth rate in distant galaxies? This is one of the key questions the MOSDEF survey will address. On this page you can learn about how we measure the stellar birth rate using MOSDEF spectra.
  6. How do MOSDEF spectra reveal the properties of stellar birth regions?  This page explains how we can learn about the density and chemical composition of gas in star-forming regions, and the types of stars being formed in these regions.
  7. How do we find actively accreting black holes in the MOSDEF survey? On this page you can read about observational signatures of actively accreting black holes, and how we identify them in MOSDEF galaxies.